Elder Law

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Wills and Estate Planning are always needed to pass assets to beneficiaries; but, issues rarely discussed by earlier generations arise about future care, that need to be included in Estate Planning.  

Seniors' lifespans have increased and they are more active than ever. As a result we have seen the development of Elder Law, a complex area of legal practice easiest to relate to you as the intersection of many areas of law. Seniors face a broadening set of legal concerns for which our focus within elder law is to preserve and protect assets, and to protect and preserve the family at the same time.

One of the most important questions, how to provide for long-term housing with the possibility of increasing levels of care as seniors age, is raising many legal questions about contract rights and the power of facilities to discharge residents.

Continuing care is becoming more and more expensive and seniors now need information about long-term care insurance and government benefits.

Our elder law attorney can help you understand the complex issues of elder law that are now present.

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In order to be most helpful, our attorney is required to have specific and detailed knowledge of Medicaid, Medicare, Estate Planning, health care options, taxes and other issues which relate to older adults, many of whom are facing immediate crises.